Session 3 - Step 4

Build up an indirect route to the retrieve box

The ball won't always be in sight

We want to start to add a curved path to the box. To get your dog to follow a curved path we will need to add a barrier along one side of the path to get your dog to follow that rather than take a straight line trip to the box. We are adding a curve to teach your dog an easy step towards an out of sight retrieve.

We built a short 'wall' out of packing boxes and toy boxes. These were spaced out only enough so that Riley could not get through without pushing on them. The ball is still in sight and at 4m from the start position.

Add distance to the curve.

While still in sight we add more spaces between the barrier.

If your dog is skipping the barrier, go back and work on distance.

Straight-line distance is easier than a curve. Make sure it is solid before pushing on