Session 3 - Step 7

Increase the angle of the curve

Make it a sharper angle

We change the angle of the curve quite a bit, we are not at a 90º corner just yet, more a 45º. Again, we are taking our time and only increasing difficulty slowly. Many dogs will skip the corner at this point so take it slowly with your dog.

Make sure to keep your consistency throughout, sit to start, walk out along the path to place the ball, send only once you are back by or behind your dog and get a solid retrieve to hand at the start position. Feel free to praise as your dog goes along to encourage them if they are going in the right direction.

Move to a 90º corner retrieve.

As your dog gets better we will have obstacles at 90º to the path of travel

If your dog is searching for the ball.

Go back and practice with the ball only just out of sight.