Master One Jump

Make the rest a breeze


In Flygility we use jumps a little differently than we do in either agility or flyball. In agility the jumps are arranged in different configurations and we run with our dogs (to a degree) to help guide them through increasingly difficult courses. In flyball the jumps are arranged in a straight line and we stand still on the start/finish line while sending our dogs off retrieve the ball and come back. Here we will gradually build up to send our dogs out across an arrangement of jumps while we stay in one place.

In this session we are going to make sure your dog is comfortable with the jumps in the first place, teach the cue word to jump over, show them to follow us out (lead out) and also have us send them out. At the end of the session we will have our dogs travelling out to a spot over one jump turning around and coming back to us. We can build on this in the next jumps session to get our dogs to retrieve over this same course.
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Setup your space

We want to define the start and end points of the run so set up two mats, 8m apart with your jump in the middle at 4m from each. Keep all in a straight line. If you don't have the full 8m space go with what you have. Try to get as close to this distance as you can.

The 4m between obstacles is to allow your dog to catch their stride before doing the next thing. We don't want to trip your dog if they misstep.

Step 1 - Introduce the jumps to your dog.

Make sure whatever jumps you are using, your dog is comfortable with them.