Just because you don't have the fancy kit doesn't mean you cant join in

Get creative!

There are a few key things to keep in mind when designing a set of hurdles for your dog. The first is that we don't want them to high, we are teaching handling skills rather than a high jump contest. Ideally your jumps should be relatively easy to knock over. That is, if your dog hits off them after a miscalculation we want the jumps to give rather than your dog.

While being relatively easy to knock over they should be able to withstand a strong breeze or a speeding dog.  They should not fall over that easily and scare your dog when they do.

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Use What You Have Laying Around

There are many ways to set up jumps at home with what you have around. As in the picture you can use two bricks with a brush as the beam. Alternatively you could use two laundry baskets with holes in the sides to do the same with the brush.
We can perch a floor duster on top of a small footstool or on the base of two upturned plant pots. If you are using something that you are placing something on top of that may fall off look at making it more study with some masking or duct tape.
You can also purchase some simple hurdles on Amazon (the orange middle ones) for very reasonable amounts.

Build Flyball Jumps

This is a step-by-step to build the flyball jumps from Mike Freda's website. You can get the full plans from there and another walk-through video. As we are all stuck indoors during this lockdown this step-by-step uses what tools and materials I had around the house so it is not perfect but a good initial prototype.
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