Session 2 - Step 14

Listen to your dog

Match your training to YOUR dog

Every dog is different, they each have their own personalities and slightly different approaches work best for each. While the standard step by step approach with positive reinforcement works for all, the small additions in between should be more tailored to your dog. For example, Riley responds extremely well to differential rewards, this is where we grade the quality of the behaviour on the fly. I will give a grade between 1 and 3. So he always gets a reward for the good behaviour, if it is just ok he gets a 1, and hence one treat, if it is pretty good he gets a 2, and two treats, or if it is great he gets a 3 and so three treats. Other dogs will do well with playing tug or running after a moving tennis ball randomly after a successful pass. Find your dog's motiviation!


Nice Job - keep practicing.

We have lots to cover to get a full course together so build your foundations