Build some distance control

Teach around an obstacle

For this exercise you can use anything that will stand on its own and be approx your dog's height or taller. Ideally a tall cone or a stick in the ground is good. If you are using a stake in the ground, such as a bamboo plant stake, make sure to paint it white so that your dog can see it. In these videos I am using a traffic pole that we use for cordening off carparks. You want something your dog's height or taller so that your dog finds it easier to go around rather than over or turn before he/she gets to it.

We teach this exercise for a number of reasons. In this game it is very useful later as a guide to help your dog get around behind an obstacle to run it from the far side. In the real world it is really useful to get your dog to go one way or the other around an obstacle, for example when they get their leash wrapped around a tree.

Get started with teaching 'around'.

Start easy and generalise as you go.