Session 5 - Step 7

Different destination spot

Send your dog to a different mat

Set some food down on a second mat, 4m past the pole at right angles to the direction back to the start. Come back to your dog and send your dog around the pole. Follow them and when they get to the pole with the same hand/leg combination guide them to 'take' from the second mat. You will need to guide for the first half again otherwise, for the most part, they will just go straight to the second mat.

If your mat is to the right, your dog starts on the left and you guide both times with your left hand/leg, vice versa for the left. Set them up to get it right from the get go. Practice both directions (or just start from the end point every second go).

Step 8 - Add distance to the send to mat.

Just like the basic behaviour, we need to start adding distance to each half.