Session 3 - Step 2

Introduce your retrieve box

Your dog needs to know where to get the ball

Here we are using a cardboard box with two small circular holes on the base. These holes are a perfect size to perch a tennis ball on without it rolling off. It is easy for a dog to see, however if your garden is a little less sparce than mine you can paint it white to be more easily visible.

Place the box 4m away from your start position. Put your dog in a wait on the start position, place a ball on the box. Only release your dog to get the ball once you are back beside them. It will take a few initial reps for your dog to get the game and start to build speed. Make sure they are comfortable going over, picking up the ball and bringing it back to you before moving on.

Add distance between your dog and the box.

Gradually increase the difficulty.

Go back and remind your dog of the basics.

Always be prepared to go backwards for a bit if your dog is struggling.