Session 3 - Step 8

90º corner retrieve

Ball fully out of view and around a corner

Now we have built up to a full 90º corner to send your dog around to retrieve the toy. It should be fully out of sight for your dog and a full 8m from the start postion around the corner. 4m to the corner, 4m to the retrieve box.

Make sure to keep your consistency throughout, sit to start, walk out along the path to place the ball, send only once you are back by or behind your dog and get a solid retrieve to hand at the start position. Feel free to praise as your dog goes along to encourage them if they are going in the right direction.

Be sure to practice on the other side too!

We won't go through it here but make sure your dog can go around left and right

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What is next or what else do you need to work on before next time?