Session 4 - Step 1

Remind your dog of the game

Get your setup right and build motivation

Set up the jump 4m from your dog's start position with the retrieve box 4m directly behind the jump. As Riley had issues with going around the jump we added our barriers from the start here to set him up to get it right. If you are sure your dog will definately not go around you can leave these off but if there is any chance they would go around, put the barriers up for a few reps.

Standing beside/behind your dog send them off - 'Over', 'Fetch', 'Over' and praise and reward at the start mat. For the first few reps step forward and guide over the jumps to be sure they get the idea. Ideally, praise for each component done properly. Reward only at the end.

Remove some barriers.

As your dog gets better reduce the hand-holding a little

If your dog is having issues with fetch or jumps go back and practice.

Your dog needs to be good at both separately before putting them together.