Chase Games

Make sure you are as fun as other dogs

If your dog likes to play chasing it is very important to teach both chasing and being chased politely and also to fetch, as many dogs who love to play chase will rob things to get you to chase them.


A large proportion of dogs like to play chasing in one form or another. If your dog enjoys it, it is very important to teach them that you can play it with them when done politely and also how to play chasing safely.

Many dogs learn to rob things to get their family to pay attention to them or to cause a game of chasing, remember, even bad attention is still attention. So running off with your favourite ear pods is a surefire way to get a chase going, regardless of how angry you may be from it. So we need to teach polite chasing (to chase and to be chased) and a solid fetch behaviour so even if your dog robs something or is very chewy, they will return whatever they have taken.

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Polite chasing

From  a handler/owner point of view