Learning Online

Bigger topics, beginning to end

In your regular classes it can sometimes be difficult to see where the exercises will eventually take us and how we can build on them. Our webinars allow is to explore bigger topics in more depth and to see the full story.


Learn a lot in less time

Throughout most of our courses we work directly with you at the pace of your dog. Sometimes it can be difficult to see where these exercises are taking us, how they all fit together and how really useful they can be in the real world. Our webinars are designed to discus the topics in the context of everyday situations, show the build up of difficulty and in different contexts to highlight the work involved and the steps to take as you progress with your dog.

Remember, your dog never stops learning from you. In every single interaction they are learning something. Be sure you are always aware of what they are learning and of what use that may be to you and your dog.

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Harnesses & Handling Skills

Some dogs and pups start off disliking harness and others grow a dislike over time. Some dogs love getting full head to toe massages, others pull away when you touch their foot or bring out the hair brush. For all dogs, we need to be sure that they are extremely comfortable being handled in all shapes and forms. Your vet and your groomer will be very thankful for the time you put into this.


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Recall Foundations

Recall is a very big topic. In this session we lay out the foundations and start to build on them. As you will see there are a lot of angles you need to consider while practicing with your dog. The younger you start the better but you can teach a solid recall at any age.


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Understanding Your Canine Companion - Communication

One of the most underrated skills to work on with your dog is to ensure you know how to talk to them and even more importantly, how to listen to them. In this webinar we look at the in-depth world of canine communication and discuss how to use it to help our training and your relationship in general with your dog.